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Welcome fam & frens!

After months of hard work we are very happy to welcome you and finally reveal the first bricks of Metadventure global ecosystem. Be ready, soon you will be able to explore thousands of different metaverses with your Woka Gen1.

More than just NFT Art, your Woka Gen1 will be your reliable avatar granting you access to metaverses.

As a preview, you will find below a Portal to start exploring some virtual worlds already built and fully operational. In this world you will notice that the gates are closed for now. It is normal! Soon after the mint Gen1 owners will start co-building their own metaverse.

This is only the beginning. Follow us to discover everything we have prepared for you and how we are going to build altogether the Web3.

Fasten your seatbelts Adventurers 🚀

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Background perso 1 NFT gen1
Johnny Cardio
Background perso 2 NFT gen1
Marta McFly
Background perso 3 NFT gen1
Diego Rainbow
Background perso 4 NFT gen1
Viv Legging
Background perso 4 NFT gen1
Parker Levi's
Background perso 5 NFT gen1
Silky Nylon
Background perso 6 NFT gen1
Brandon Mullet
Background perso 7 NFT gen1
Axl Teddy Rose
Background perso 8 NFT gen1
Tom Beetlejuice


Gen1 is the first collection of 4000 unique avatars allowing you to teleport & travel in all the Metaverses generated from Metadventure & Workadventure.

Gen1 avatars are blocked time travelers, they have been around us since the 80s & 90s and were waiting for Metadventure's launch to be able to travel to the future again. They are now ready to be awaken and their immense knowledge in teleportation will help you in your exploration of the Web3.

Your Woka Gen1 will become your official avatar, able to teleport from a virtual world to another.

Each Woka Gen1 will grant you access to a dedicated Metaverse where you will be able to discover new experiences in the Web3 while building it.

All owners will be able to cooperate, interact, meet in order to create for the Gen1 a new home. After completion, this new home will be divided into 4000 NFTs parcels that each Gen1 owner will receive.

Last but not least, each Woka Gen1 will come with a lifetime subscription in WorkAdventure for 25, 50 or 100 simultaneous users!

The Woka Gen1 is a collection of 4,000 NFTs. Each Woka Gen 1 is an ERC-721 token on Polygon (very low transaction fees & carbon-negative blockchain) and hosted on IPFS.

Whitelisting for pre-minting & crazy multi-metaverses challenges will be organized 😝

Note: 20 Wokas are being withheld from the sale. They will be offered for giveaways, challenge rewards & for the team.

During the Summer season. Stay tuned & follow us!

Metamask. Info and tutorials about how to install and use Metamask will be provided in our Discord channel.

The Gen1 was blocked while time travelling in the 80s & 90s. They might have kept some outfits, hair styles or accessories from those golden years...

Since two years we have gain deep understanding and knowledge in building metaverses. With Workadventure the team has delivered hundreds of them for small, medium and multinational corporations or associations.

We will use and transmit our expertise in building Yours.

We will go altogether through the different phases of design, iteration, voting, experiences integration etc...

Once the construction will be over, each Gen1 owner will receive one or several of the 4000 NFTs parcels of this new metaverse.

As mentioned Woka Gen1 is one of the first bricks of the Metadventure ecosystem.

Metadventure will consist in a metaverse factory or metaverse-as-a-service platform allowing you to instantly generate a metaverse and its affiliated NFT parcels!

Whitepaper, Roadmap & Tokenomics will be released very soon. Follow us!

Virtual worlds

Build your own metaverse, import assets, trade NFTs
Your limits?... Your imagination! Make your dreams come true, create your virtual worlds, gather your audience, start interacting, start earning.
Meet, exchange, collaborate while having fun with thousands of users in other worlds
Create new memories, share, talk, chat, meet... You are here for one reason: connect with people!
Learn & discover
Create or share your contents & bring knowledge to a wider community
Metadventure is here to help you grow your future! Training, art exhibitions, conferences, professional venues, hackathons… You are one click away from participating in the knowledge transmission in the Web3.
Connect your metaverse to hundreds other one
Think bigger! You have access to thousands of worlds. It is time to make a difference and use the power of the metaverse.


A sweet mix of different universes and backgrounds to make the perfect team! They combine their strengths and passion to make everything possible for you!

David Négrier
Founder & CTO
DAN line Team DAN
He loves developing and building things. Extremely engaged with the open-source community, he contributed to dozens of projects and even a PHP standard (PSR-11). Serial entrepeneur, he co-founded TheCodingMachine, a 100-people IT service company and acted as CTO for 15 years. He stepped down 2 years ago to dedicate 100% to building the best platform to meet in the metaverse!
Grégory Rocher
Co-founder & CEO
GRR line Team GRR

He has a lot of ideas but most of the time they are crazy like selling all his previous companies to solo travel the world for two years with a backpack. He is now puting all his energy in making Web3 & metaverses building accessible to anyone everywhere.

With Metadventure he wants to transform the old way of making money (work-to-earn) into “x-to-earn” like play-to-earn, learn-to-earn, create-to-earn.

Gregoire Parant
Co-founder & CPO
GRP line GRP team

Active on all fronts day and night, he will always be there for your projects and will find a solution to all your problems.

His slogan: "There are no problems, just solutions".

At night, you can find him with a glass of Picon beer in his hand!

Julie Danet
Co-founder & CHR
CHR line CHR team

Super smiling and kind of overactive, she loves to lead many projects at the same time! That's why she co-founded WorkAdventure and Metadventure, while founding her own business as a Business Coach and Management.

Her passions? Learn more and more everyday and travel all around the world!

Her peculiarity? She passed a psychology certification at Harvard during her year in Boston!

Sophie Maechler
Co-founder & CMO
SOY team

Sophie loves exploring Worlds (virtuals & reals) & believes in crazy ideas (like Gregory's one). As a fierce entrepreneur, she never stops taking part of ambitious projects.

She will take care of the community and she is always happy to help & make people happy. She believes in Metadventure since day 1 (2 years ago) & craves for chicken at least once a week.